One of the main reasons why commercial cleaning facilities are hired to clean is because they bring something to the table that the client cannot, a wealth of knowledge and tools. Many Clients though only hire companies to clean for “appearance,” which is a catalyst for failure. Cleaning for appearance is like only washing your dishes when you have guest come over for dinner, otherwise you’d be eating off the same dirty plate with crumbs no matter what is served.

There is a reason why dishes are washed, why garbage is thrown out, and why floors are mopped. If we ate off the same dirty plate day in and day out, bacteria would begin to accumulate and mold would start to grow on the left over crumbs, the garbage would just sit and begin to smell bad and more than likely flies would begin to lay larva. Would you just spray the trash with air fresheners?

Many times in-house cleaners are not well trained to handle many situations, and this creates health concerns not just for the employees but for the building tenants. Commercial cleaning facilities know what to do, what to use, and when to do it. With all the knowledge and several decades of experience all these problems can easily be avoided with the right tools and the right company.

Some examples of cleaning for appearance only are:

  • Not allowing for proper dwell times with disinfectants
  • Failing to rinse areas properly where disinfectants were used
  • Using an inferior vacuum cleaner that leaves contaminants deep in the pile
  • Using a soiled, disinfectant-soaked cloth over and over on multiple surfaces

-Randy Zielsdorf, Advanced Technologies LLC.

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