New Year, Clean You: SK Resolutions

10! 9! 8! Se – you get the point. The New Year is right around the corner. And if you haven’t already thought of resolution ideas and what you’d love to change come 2020, then it’s time to really start turning your webbed gears.

Before getting right to it, here’s some sound advice: be cautious of time-and-time again resolutions that may (or will) end in failure by Day 2 because you know you’ve set unreasonable standards. Another tip: avoid resolutions that you add to your list just because everyone else is doing so. Unless, of course, these are resolutions you truly want to accomplish (by all means, go for it!)

On the other hand, if you absolutely have no idea what you want 2020 to bring, look no further than the Service Keepers blog to provide you with all the answers!

Of course, because we are a leading janitorial and maintenance company servicing commercial properties all throughout South Florida (and have been doing so for over 30 years), we must make our resolution ideas based on cleaning. (Eh, we don’t have to, but it’s nice!) So, here goes:

SK Resolution #1: Go green or go home!

When the dust from 2019 has settled and you’re looking to clean it all up, go green! Here at Service Keepers, we take our Green Clean initiative very seriously… and we want you to do the same! Make going green your 2020 resolution. Here’s how:

  • Replace harsh, coercive cleaning chemicals with eco-friendly products. You can always check the label before purchasing or hop online to do some research before heading out!
  • Replace the use of plastic with the use of reusable or recycled material (whew, try saying that 5x fast). Instead of bagging your groceries with the traditional plastic bags provided, try bringing your own grocery totes or bags that you can use time and time again! Instead of plastic straws, try reusable ones. Opt for sustainable water bottles instead of purchasing water in plastic bottles that will eventually be thrown out minutes later.

Break out of your bad un-green habits for 2020. Have fun with it, too. Add on to these few ideas and make it your resolution life!

SK Resolution #2: A tidier house is a happier house!

For the New Year, make it your resolution to keep your usually messy home clean! And before you start with your “but a messy house…” remarks Susan, just look at the facts:

                Research studies have found that just cleaning your home 20 minutes a day can significantly (by research standards) reduce your high levels of cortisol (that ugly stress hormone) and overall anxiety. Just 20 minutes a day! Not only that but cleaning your home can also help with depression. Read all about one person’s astounding journey right here.

So, a tidy home can, in fact, make you happy by helping your overall mental health. And it doesn’t have to just stop there! You can take your tidying skills back to the workplace:

  • Clean-up your desk by tossing out anything that is NOT necessary (like old paperwork that is already scanned and e-filed).
  • Organize your space with the use of multi-functional containers that can hold pens, paperclips, notepads, or any other supplies you may have thrown around.
  • Make it a priority to tidy-up early in the morning before starting on your work and at the very end of the day.

Taking these small steps can ensure a cleaner space, your wellness as well as increase your productivity.

SK Resolution #3: Invest in YOU!

Going green and cleaning your home are just two of many ways you can give back to the toughest troop you know soldiering on: you. We’ve already discussed how a neat space can help you feel better. And how swapping out harsh chemicals for gentler, eco-friendly ones can put an end to aversive effects from using those products, providing healthy and safe ways to clean your home.

But there are other ways you can invest in yourself to follow through with this resolution. For starters, clean-out your fridge and freezer to both physically get in those tight spots with a microfiber towel (your refrigerator needs a spa day, too) and also clean-up what you eat. Look through and analyze what bad foods you’ve been storing in there and replace them with much healthier options or alternatives. Same goes for your pantry (and give it a dusting while you’re at it!) Remember: a healthier you starts from within!

Speaking of health, there should be nothing more important to you than your very own health and safety. Make it more than part of a New Year’s Resolution. Make it a priority. Before using any new cleaning chemicals, be sure to read labels and follow instructions to the “t”. If the label clearly states that Chemical X should not come into contact with Chemical Y or Body Part Z, just avoid doing so. Always, always, always wear any protective gear instructed on the label to ensure your safety. Not kidding. This also holds true for any new equipment you may use to clean, including that adorable little dog-like auto-bot that cleans your floors as it robotically whoofs and wags its tail. Takeaway: follow directions and live a long, fruitful life.

And that’s it! Just one more post left before the year is officially over. 2019 has been a blast, but we can’t wait to see what 2020 brings to Service Keepers and the SK Blog. Happy holidays and we’ll see you there!

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