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Carpet Care Maintenance

We Understand the Science Behind Cleaning

Our industry experts understand the science behind proper carpet care maintenance. We make sure the temperature and chemical flow are just right when cleaning your carpets to ensure successful results. Service Keepers has professionally trained crews to clean carpets carefully and accurately. In other words, we’re professionals.

Our Crews are IICRC Certified

Service Keepers’ carpet division can get any carpet cleaning done. Whether it’s a tiny spill or enormous mess, Service Keepers does it the best. Our carpet maintenance technicians use industry-standard equipment to clean your carpets and upholstery.

Invest in Your Carpets

Make sure to invest in regular carpet cleaning to keep your carpets in excellent condition for years to come. Hence, you save yourself from the expense of having to replace carpets earlier than necessary. To help increase the longevity of your carpet, Service Keepers can design a carpet care program specifically for your facility.

Methods For Carpet Cleaning

For deep cleaning and special carpet care, we provide carpet extraction. This method makes sure stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens are completely removed using our most advanced shampoo chemicals. Our shampoo crystallizer absorbs and transforms dirt and stains, for instance, into crystals. That way, as the second vacuum cycle begins, the transformed crystals are easily vacuumed – leaving no trace of dirt/stains.

In order to keep your carpet smelling fresh and clean week-in and week-out, we provide a carpet maintenance program that uses the method bonnet cleaning. We still use the same crystallization process as we do with the carpet extraction, except this method is done weekly in order to maintain the carpets’ appearance.

Our LMC cleaning system uses 99% organic powder from natural resources mixed with water that penetrate deeply into your carpet and absorb the soil through encapsulation. The Service Keepers’ dry system removes dust mites and mold from your carpet, leaving them fresh and restored. Bonus: this system is completely safe for your health and the environment.

Service Keepers Maintenance, Inc

Stone Care Maintenance

We perform the following professional stone care maintenance services

  • Cleaning and Sealing
  • Refinishing Elevator Marble
  • Diamond Honing
  • Polishing
  • Etch Removal
  • Lippage Removal
  • Epoxy filling
  • Grout Cleaning
  • Grout Removal and Replacement

In addition to these services, Service Keepers can provide you with preventative stone care maintenance plans for commercial facilities to care for your floors. We service countertops, floors, and all-natural stone surfaces.

Daily Care for Stone and Tile Floors

Daily cleaning plans are essential in prolonging the life and look of stone as well as tile in different areas (e.g., reception, entryways). An average day-to-day floor care plan for stone and tile floors includes dust mopping using an untreated dust mop, vacuuming, damp mopping, and an auto-scrubber when necessary.

Since stone and tile flooring in reception and entryways are subject to high foot traffic, it may also be required to scrub the stone floor once a day and wet mop at times using a neutral pH floor cleaner. The utilization of an auto-scrubber additionally loosens any dirt, which may be missed during damp mopping.

Let's Take Preventative Measures

The best technique for stone and tile flooring care is prevention. With that in mind, many facilities have found it to be exceptionally advantageous to invest in matting for reception spaces and their entryways. Service Keepers is here to maintain matting, too.

Specialists say matting should be placed in the entryway of a facility. Providers additionally imply putting matting on the outside of the facility (in addition to walk-off mats) in high-traffic areas throughout the targeted area.

It Doesn't Stop with Just Mats...

Another great preventative measure for stone and tile floors is pressure washing and sweep washing the footpaths outside of the facility. Most of the dirt brought in by people is the grit from the pavements and sidewalks stuck on shoes. Hence, if you’re able to prevent this by getting rid of that dirt before people can step on it, the chances of it tracking inside of the facility lessen. Another great result of this prevention effort? The rest of the cleaning process becomes effortless, too.

Following these easy recommended steps can help maintain the look and natural beauty of stone flooring. Regardless of your floor’s condition, Service Keepers Maintenance, Inc. is here to provide the best solutions to natural stone and tile floor issues.