We Understand the Science Behind Cleaning

Our industry experts understand the science behind proper carpet care maintenance. We make sure the temperature and chemical flow are just right when cleaning your carpets to ensure successful results. Service Keepers has professionally trained crews to clean carpets carefully and accurately. In other words, we’re professionals.

Our Crews are CCMT Certified

Service Keepers’ carpet division can get any carpet cleaning done. Whether it’s a tiny spill or enourmous mess, Service Keepers does it the best. Our Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technicians (CCMT) use industry standard equipment to clean your carpets and upholstery.

Your Services, All in One Place

To satisfy all your cleaning needs, bundle our carpet cleaning service with your janitorial one. Your happiness matters to us, so we invest in your satisfaction and make sure to give you the time and dedication it takes for a job well done.

Invest in Your Carpets

Make sure to invest in regular carpet cleaning to keep your carpets in excellent condition for years to come. Hence, you save yourself from the expense of having to replace carpets earlier than necessary.  To help increase the longevity of your carpet, Service Keepers can design a carpet care program specifically for your facility.

Methods For Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Extraction – For deep cleaning and special carpet care, we provide carpet extraction. This method makes sure stains, dirt, grit, sand and allergens are completely removed using our most advanced shampoo chemicals. Our shampoo crystallizer absorbs and transforms dirt and stains, for instance, into crystals. That way, as the second vacuum cycle begins, the transformed crystals are easily vacuumed – leaving no trace of dirt/stains.

Bonnet Cleaning – In order to keep your carpet smelling fresh and clean week-in and week-out, we provide a carpet maintenance program that uses the method bonnet cleaning. We still use the same crystallization process as we do with the carpet extraction, except this method is done weekly in order to maintain the carpets’ appearance.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner – Our LMC cleaning system uses 99% organic powder from natural resources mixed with water that penetrate deeply into your carpet and absorb the soil through encapsulation. The Service Keepers’ dry system removes dust mites and mold from your carpet, leaving them fresh and restored. Bonus: this system is completely safe for your health and the environment.