Data Managed = Time Managed

Data Managed = Time Managed

Edmund Burke once explained, “Good order is the foundation of all good things.” In order for a building’s cleanliness to reach its peak, a structure to keep employee accountability, managerial knowledge, and client communication up-to-date and transparent is necessary using a time system. Through this blog, we will dive into the effects of the order brought by efficient data management on time keeping and how this can fit into your organization.



Employee Accountability & Managerial Knowledge

It is important that a business keeps record of employee performance, hours, and concerns. Providing employees with an easy system capable of accurately tracking time, fostering communication, problem resolution, and evaluating personnel. The cleaning crew can maximize their time and let changes occur they believe are necessary.

The system used by Service Keepers makes use of GPS, data-keeping, and supply management technology to increase efficiency. By using a GPS based system, employees will only be able to clock-in when they are at their work location. This eliminates abuses of time keeping that are associated with traditional management tools. On top of this, GPS allows employees to receive location-based alerts to stay up to date on information regarding their work location. The data-keeping part of the system also provides you with a remote method of checking to see which employees showed up for work that day.

The system we utilize also features an integrated supply management tool. The tool allows for accurate measures of inventory. This guarantees the presence of supplies and therefore prevents disruptions in the maintenance cycle.The system also allows for the employee to report any issues that come up during their work hours through the system. Employee messaging lets us keep documentation in an organized manner throughout the year.

Client Communication

The data-management system utilized by Service Keepers also allows for efficient communication between clients and maintenance staff. Facility employees are added onto our data management system to communicate questions and concerns to appropriate staff members. This assures the client that the issue is fixed in a timely manner. Clients are able to send and receive messages at all times, allowing for greater communication overall. Clients can also see who is on site so they can reach the right employee. This transparency creates peace of mind for the clients when they see their bills. The client will know that their bill reflects the correct labor cost.

Efficient Payroll Process

Reports are easily run and submitted to payroll for accuracy. This process eliminates the need for payroll sheets and errors to occur. The employee will know the exact number of hours worked and what they will expect on their pay check. On the home screen the employee can see their total hours worked.

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