Commercial Janitorial Service – One thing customers generally take for granted when they enter any company, unless they have experienced otherwise, is the general cleanliness of the facilities. We do not consciously think that someone has to really keep the space spic and span. Anybody who has needed to manage a company, nevertheless, would have found out quite quickly just how much effort really goes into meeting staff and client expectations of cleanliness and sanitation.

Keeping the facility clean can be the furthest thing a manager or company owner need to worry about, particularly when there are deals to close, meetings to attend, and customers to please. This is a convincing enough reason to employ a commercial janitorial service cleaning firm to service the cleaning and sanitizing of your office building, medical facility, school campus, condominium, church or synagogue.  Here are five reasons to hire a professional janitorial cleaning service:

  1. Hygiene influences well-being. With no commercial cleaning service, some places of your office will seldom (if ever) get an intensive cleaning. Can you regularly make sure you sanitize the doorknobs? The computer keyboards? The light switches? The copy machine? Germs and bacteria accumulate in these (and many other) areas, so it is important that these areas are cleaned frequently to prevent sicknesses.
  2. Cleanliness changes workplace efficiency. The work that goes on in your workplace or commercial space can be affected by cleanliness. Workers may become ill due to unsanitary surfaces and require sick-time away from work. Surfaces must be disinfected properly and dust must be controlled.  Cleanliness prevents health issues and sustains staff productivity and satisfaction.
  3. Managing Customers’ First Impressions. When customers or clients walk throughout your business, you need to show them clean and professional surroundings. It demonstrates you care about individuals as well as your business’ image. A less than spotless facility is a reflection of the amount of care that goes into your business. When using a professional commercial cleaning service, you are showing that you care in which you believe – that it is vital to work with professionals.  First impressions leave a lasting mark.
  4. Save time and Money. Office cleaning by regular employees can amount to a significant amount of time taken away from the productivity for which they were hired. There are also the costs of purchasing expensive equipment that you would only use every few months whereas a commercial cleaning service can frequently use the expensive equipment among its several customers.  Hiring a professional commercial janitorial service lets your employees work on their own projects which require the skills for which they were hired.
  5. Clean and Sanitize with experts. An employee from a professional commercial cleaning service is going to have knowhow, training, techniques, equipment, products and experience to completely clean and disinfect any surface. Even though you can tell your workers to spray everything with Windex, that isn’t the greatest method to cope with an unhealthy office. Plus, your workers will need to take time from their routine work schedule to clean which is a loss of time and expertise for which they were hired. By utilizing the services of a professional commercial janitorial service, you are leveraging expertise, experience and equipment.


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  • Ridley Fitzgerald
    April 13, 2018, 9:32 PM Reply

    I can see why a professional cleaner is great for commercial properties. I like how you said that they have the know-how and the equipment to do it right. Nothing is worse than something supposed to be clean that’s still dirty.

  • Ellie Davis
    April 27, 2018, 10:36 PM Reply

    I didn’t cleanliness changed workplace efficiency. Businesses are always wanting to look as good as possible. I think they should make sure and find a janitorial company that is going to work well with their hours and company.

  • Bethany Birchridge
    July 5, 2018, 2:51 PM Reply

    My friend is wanting to start up a business, so I think she may be interested in learning that cleanliness affects workplace health. I was also surprised to learn the having an unclean office could cause employees to get sick and need time off. Do you have any tips for hiring a good commercial cleaning service?

  • Kate Welling
    December 14, 2018, 9:49 PM Reply

    As you mentioned, an employee from a professional commercial cleaning service is going to have know-how, training, techniques, equipment, products, and experience to completely clean and disinfect any surface. It makes sense that anyone owning a business would want to hire a janitor or cleaning service because they could be a lot more help than anyone without any experience! I don’t own a business, but I would definitely look into this if I did.

  • Millie Hue
    December 27, 2018, 5:48 AM Reply

    It got me when you said that their services are important because the accumulation of germs and bacteria will cause sicknesses. With that in mind, I will be hiring one because I noticed that there are a lot of sick leaves being filed. It might be because of the dirt that we don’t notice especially that we only clean the ones that are visible in one look.