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When it comes to maintaining your own business, one thing is certain: It has to remain clean. After the business deals are completed, the bills paid, the employee meetings ended, the lunchroom emptied and the lights dimmed for the day, the last thing you think about is one of the most vital to the success of your business: a clean and sanitary facility. While you concentrate on your core strengths, let a professional cleaning service to take care of the cleaning and sanitizing and vacuuming. Such attention to providing a clean commercial facility is critical for an environment in which germs can be spread too easily.

But who to hire? Selecting the right professional commercial cleaning service can be difficult – you will need to do your research to find the best one for your type of business and facility. Going low on price may not always be best.

Here are seven steps to take in locating the best commercial janitorial cleaning service, whether you have an office building, medical facility, school campus, condominium building, church or synagogue:

  1. Get price quotes from the commercial cleaning companies in your area. These businesses will visit your facility to assess your needs and provide an estimate. Ask for a summary of services they offer when you get this estimate. Most commercial cleaning companies will provide vacuuming, mopping, cleaning, and sanitizing of the bathroom as well as horizontal dusting. Some commercial janitorial services may include periodic carpet cleaning and stripping/waxing floors – if you need this type of service, make sure it is in their quote.
  2. Read the contract. Most commercial janitorial service companies will want you to sign a contract, locking you into their service for a certain period of time. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you’ll need recourse. You may opt for a month-to-month contract or a trial period as opposed to an annual contract.
  3. Ask to see proof of insurance. You need to be sure that your company will not be liable should a cleaner become injured while cleaning your facility.
  4. Ask how long the operation has been in business and what establishments they service that are similar to yours. Remember: Experience matters. Look for a commercial cleaning company with a strong track record of providing optimum cleaning services. And find out of this commercial cleaning company has had success in working with accounts similar to yours.
  5. Ask if they screen employees. Screening applicants for drug use and confirming that they do not have a criminal history is essential – these are strangers coming into your business, usually after hours, cleaning up around waste paper baskets and desks and other sensitive areas. The best commercial cleaning company will work hard to look for candidates that are a good fit and reliable. If a janitorial company takes shortcuts on screening workers, they put your reputation, your employees, you and your facility at risk.
  6. Ask what sort of training they provide their employees. A professional cleaning service should offer its employees comprehensive training and tools to deliver the best service, especially if you have a medical or university facility in which special training is essential.
  7. Ask if they are CIMS certified. This is an important question. Certified Business Direction Standard (CIMS) certification assures that the janitorial service has an established track record of following business best practices that are proven to deliver consistent, responsive, effective cleaning. It is one of the most stringent and difficult types of certification offered.

Running a business is important. Maintaining cleanliness is also the biggest part of a business’s ability to thrive. By following these steps you are assured that the professional janitorial service you select will be the right one for your needs – keeping your business clean and tidy so you can concentrate on what’s important to your continued success.


Commercial Janitorial Service – One thing customers generally take for granted when they enter any company, unless they have experienced otherwise, is the general cleanliness of the facilities. We do not consciously think that someone has to really keep the space spic and span. Anybody who has needed to manage a company, nevertheless, would have found out quite quickly just how much effort really goes into meeting staff and client expectations of cleanliness and sanitation.

Keeping the facility clean can be the furthest thing a manager or company owner need to worry about, particularly when there are deals to close, meetings to attend, and customers to please. This is a convincing enough reason to employ a commercial janitorial service cleaning firm to service the cleaning and sanitizing of your office building, medical facility, school campus, condominium, church or synagogue.  Here are five reasons to hire a professional janitorial cleaning service:

  1. Hygiene influences well-being. With no commercial cleaning service, some places of your office will seldom (if ever) get an intensive cleaning. Can you regularly make sure you sanitize the doorknobs? The computer keyboards? The light switches? The copy machine? Germs and bacteria accumulate in these (and many other) areas, so it is important that these areas are cleaned frequently to prevent sicknesses.
  2. Cleanliness changes workplace efficiency. The work that goes on in your workplace or commercial space can be affected by cleanliness. Workers may become ill due to unsanitary surfaces and require sick-time away from work. Surfaces must be disinfected properly and dust must be controlled.  Cleanliness prevents health issues and sustains staff productivity and satisfaction.
  3. Managing Customers’ First Impressions. When customers or clients walk throughout your business, you need to show them clean and professional surroundings. It demonstrates you care about individuals as well as your business’ image. A less than spotless facility is a reflection of the amount of care that goes into your business. When using a professional commercial cleaning service, you are showing that you care in which you believe – that it is vital to work with professionals.  First impressions leave a lasting mark.
  4. Save time and Money. Office cleaning by regular employees can amount to a significant amount of time taken away from the productivity for which they were hired. There are also the costs of purchasing expensive equipment that you would only use every few months whereas a commercial cleaning service can frequently use the expensive equipment among its several customers.  Hiring a professional commercial janitorial service lets your employees work on their own projects which require the skills for which they were hired.
  5. Clean and Sanitize with experts. An employee from a professional commercial cleaning service is going to have knowhow, training, techniques, equipment, products and experience to completely clean and disinfect any surface. Even though you can tell your workers to spray everything with Windex, that isn’t the greatest method to cope with an unhealthy office. Plus, your workers will need to take time from their routine work schedule to clean which is a loss of time and expertise for which they were hired. By utilizing the services of a professional commercial janitorial service, you are leveraging expertise, experience and equipment.