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Making resident health our top priority.

In assisted-living facilities, ensuring residents' comfort is an important priority. Older adults deserve to spend their senior years in an environment in which they can be proud and comfortable— so when you invest in professional cleaning and maintenance services, that’s exactly what residents are provided. Not merely is just a clean, well-managed building important for reducing overhead expenses, but something which will encourage confidence in your organization and a facility at capacity.

Service Keepers Maintenance, Inc., specializes in building cleaning and maintenance for several types of commercial facilities in the Miami-Dade and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area. We work with a variety of assisted living facilities and primary healthcare facilities throughout Miami-Dade and Broward County.  

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

  • Assisted living facilities are very different from normal office buildings. Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) is ranked as high for assisted living facilities as it is for medical facilities. Assisted living facilities can eventually be a breeding ground for infectious diseases and bacteria should they not be sanitized properly.
  • It's imperative for assisted living facilities to use professional cleaners that know how to sanitize and reduce the spread of germs, as residents, mainly seniors, with weakened immune systems, are more vulnerable to illnesses.
  • Hiring Service Keepers Facility Maintenance, Inc. eliminates the need for you to hire your own cleaning staff on your payroll.  You will also be saving a considerable amount of money by not needing to train a cleaning staff as new-hires or because of attrition.
  • The morale of your residents will improve when a cleaning specialist cleans up accidents fast and economically. This is especially true since residents are usually not robust and prone to cleaning crises and spills.
  • Everyday cleaning staff many not be completely equipped to deal with the kind of cleaning required for assisted living facilities. They may merely possess furniture polish, window cleaners, a spotter, and an all-purpose cleaner.
  • A professional cleaning service also has the ability to identify areas which tend to be more vulnerable to diseases. Included in these are places in assisted living facilities where the most contact has been made with bacteria and blood pathogens. Cleaning specialists would normally focus on high-touch areas like light switches, railings, door handles, and ledges.
  • Untrained non-specialist cleaners tend to be more prone to contracting illnesses and taking sick leave because of the illness. You would then have to spend money to hire more cleaners.
  • Specialist for floor care cleaning is significant in assisted living facilities. It is important for floor care specialists to promote the safest cleaning procedures. Finishes applied to hard floors must be slip resistant, as any drop may be harmful to already weak residents.
  • If your facility has carpets, extra attention is needed, as carpets are prone to dust mites and germs. Specialist floor care cleaners usually use vacuum cleaners with high filtration systems, along with reduced-wetness hot water extraction systems. This in turn maintains the grade of the atmosphere in your assisted living facility, which will be more ideal for the residents and staff.

In Summary

  • Hiring the professional services of specialist cleaners is very important to facility owners, as it has environmental, financial and health benefits for your residents and staff.
  • Residents in assisted living facilities are more vulnerable to diseases brought on by poor cleaning and, perhaps, their weakened condition.
  • Specialist cleaners for assisted living facilities are better equipped to fight the spread of infections using chemical solutions and their specialized disinfectants.
  • Cleaning specialists can handle cleaning crises faster and much more effectively.
  • Specialists are more unlikely to get sick from bacteria, as they have been trained on protecting their health with the use of protective gear.
  • It's more environmentally favorable to engage professionals especially to clean carpeting.

For an on-site assisted living facility evaluation and quote by assisted living cleaning and maintenance specialists in Miami-Dade and Broward County, call Service Keepers Maintenance, Inc. 305-978-4777.


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