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The Service Keepers’ mission is to partner with nursing home healthcare professionals in the Miami-Dade and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area to avoid the spread of (HAIs) Health Care Acquired Infections. We do that by consistent training in advanced cleaning techniques and safety protocols for nursing home facilities.

Healthcare-acquired infections affect two million individuals annually, yet around 70% of HAIs are believed to be preventable if the appropriate infection control procedures are executed in your nursing home facility. The purpose of our highly trained cleaning staff if to maintain a clean environment for health care staff, patients, and visitors, while addressing the spread of HAIs through tough cleaning practices.

Aseptic Cleaning differs from typical commercial or residential cleaning. Our staff goes through extensive OSHA training for the appropriate treatment and disposal of blood-borne pathogens and we conform to all state and federal regulations on best cleaning practices and disposal. We use advanced personal protective gear (such as masks, gloves and gowns) while cleaning critical care places where surfaces might be contaminated.

We use EPA-approved hospital grade cleaning and disinfectant solutions on all surfaces to prevent the spreading of pollution. And we employ the use of green cleaning solutions that meet these strict standards.
Our highly trained managers perform weekly site visits to ensure consistently high quality in cleaning to any or all staff members and for accountability of our cleaning teams.

Outsourcing nursing home facility cleaning services

An excellent solution to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to conserve on budget for nursing home cleaning services would be to outsource those services to a commercial cleaning business that has specialized training in nursing home facility cleaning. Professional cleaners can ensure that germ and disease spread could be reduced and that environmental issues can be controlled.

The benefits to you personally as the owner of a nursing home facility are:

  • Reduces the amount of time you are involved with cleaning activity
  • Provides more time for daily operations activities
  • Reduces cleaning budget expenses
  • Delegates cleaning issues
  • Reduces the spread of germs and illnesses

You no more need to stress how your nursing home facility will consistently get and stay clean by outsourcing the cleaning needs to a commercial cleaning business. Let the professionals handle it. Not only will you be guaranteed quality service, you can even have more time to focus on the more significant elements of your business.


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