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Educational facilities can be breeding grounds for quick-moving illnesses, such as the cold and the flu, in the event the building is not maintained properly.  Large numbers of students interact which can help transfer germs and diseases

In the current environment, care and appropriate school cleaning are vital to the security and day-to-day functioning of a school.

Service Keepers Specialists offer:

  • Daily commitment to maintaining a clean and safe environment
  • Provide well-trained and experienced staff to resolve any school, college or university cleaning challenge.
  • Offers 24-hour support and client reviews that are measured

Trust the School Cleaning Specialists at Service Keepers

Competitive pricing is a small part of what we offer. We provide your educational institution a feeling of protection and security. We offer dishonesty bond and an all-inclusive insurance policy, and value extensive background checks. Your keys are secure with Service Keepers.



We focus on supplying high-quality school cleaning services to schools, colleges, university and technical school facilities:

Charter School Cleaning

It is possible to improve quality while reducing prices. As a result of Service Keeper’s rigorous quality assurance plans as well as our efficient and proven school cleaning agenda, it is a challenge we meet and surpass daily. Budget shortfalls of educational institutions could be solved by outsourcing their custodial cleaning services with Service Keepers.

Private and Religious School Cleaning

Aesthetics play a big portion in the decision-making process of parents and the would-be pupils in the private school sector. With Service Keepers, you may be assured that the cleaning standards will consistently match the cleaning standards set for your facility.  Read about Religious School Cleaning in Miami-Dade and Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Higher Level Educational Facility Cleaning – Colleges and Universities

When students arrive at your campus, they'll see only the chance to excel in an educational facility that is healthy and spotless. Service Keepers strives to exceed your expectations.  Service Keepers offers a safe and healthful campus environment that is conducive to learning and teaching.

Technical School Cleaning

Service Keepers technical school cleaning program provides proficient and highly trained staff to service your facility so that your students can prepare and concentrate on their curriculum. For your students to prepare for their future, they need a safe, healthy and clean environment free from distractions.

Service Keepers’ School Cleaning program focuses on

  • Charter  School Cleaning
  • Private School Cleaning
  • College Facility Cleaning
  • University Facility Cleaning
  • Technical School Cleaning



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