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We feel Quality Assurance and Technology go hand in hand.

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The Quality Assurance process is reinforced using technology as a tool. Employees get to use the latest technology in the cleaning industry, and it makes their job and management job much easier. Technologies ranging from cleaning to management tools, are used to ensure proper steps are being used by our employees, in order to benchmark the progress. Check out CIMS for a few of the standards we follow for quality control.

Time Keeping System

With our Time Keeping software employees can easily clock in and out over an Ipad/Android at the job site. Using the camera system, we can confirm the correct employee is clocking in and out. The system eliminates paper work and accurately identifies the employees. We can quickly generate reports and provide them at your request. Our Time Keeping system ensures you are being billed correctly.

Backpack Vacuums

backpack vacuumsThe Super Coach Vac HEPA is a productivity powerhouse designed to tackle the most demanding cleaning challenges. This powerful and high filtration unit is ideal for vacuuming high square-footage areas that require the utmost cleanliness. Super CoachVac brings a four level HEPA filtrations system which provides clean air to our clients as well as employees. The proteam vacuums have an ergonomic design increases the range of motion and reducess fatigue. The new triangle design allows for the vacuum to sit closer to the body reducing the chances of damaging the surrounding area.

quality assurance applicationQuality Assurance Application

When managers perform inspections using our TEAM software, they create “checkpoints” which allows them to rate the building and point out deficiencies, or best of all, perfection. These results can easily be shared with management or customers for responses and solutions. Using management applications allows for constant monitoring and evaluation of your property and ensures our services are meeting your quality standards.


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