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School Days are Lost Annually to the Cold and Flu Illnesses

student In Bed With The Flu Doing School daysNearly 60 million school days are lost annually to the cold and flu. Teachers average 5.4 absent days a year costing schools more than $25 billion annually. Cold and flu viruses can live on surfaces anywhere from a few seconds to 48 hours. Some bacteria can live on school surfaces for months.

Examples of Bacteria hot-spots:

  • Water fountain spigot – 2,700,000 bacteria per inch.
  • Cafeteria tray – 33,800 bacteria per inch
  • Computer Keyboard – 3,300 bacteria per inch

Cleaning is in the Details

We follow ISSA standards which lead to consistent cleaning with strict disinfection protocols while keeping in mind the safety of the students. We understand the value in using “green” products as often as possible to prevent any skin irritations or asthma flare-ups in students.

Our attention to detail provides the families of students, and staff “peace of mind” knowing that their school provides a healthy, safe and clean learning environment.

Stop the Spread of Germs

While the Flu can be prevented by vaccinations, many times getting the kids vaccinated is not a possibility. In order to stop the spread of germs, we like to introduce healthy habits the kids can easily follow while at school.  Aside from creating a healthy habit culture, we create guidelines that teachers and kids can follow during flu season that can significantly slow down the spread of illnesses, improving overall school attendance. We also have an abundance of resourceful tools that teachers, and our staff, can use in order to prevent any illness from spreading any further.

HealthCheck System

Working with Spartan Chemical has helped us implement a HealthCheck system with the schools we work with. The HealthCheck system helps us monitor the environment your kids breathe and touch every day. Managing workloads by verifying and validating cleanliness and using CDC authorized tools to measure cleaning effectiveness are a couple of ways we can make sure your kids health environment is safe to be in.

Using all available tools and past knowledge has led Service Keepers to become the leader in providing school janitorial services all over Miami and the Fort Lauderdale area.


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