Keeping your medical facility clean is vital to the health of your patients and staff. That’s why we train our crews in operation and patient room cleaning, chemical safety, blood-borne pathogen awareness, medical and biohazardous waste disposal and disinfection techniques.


It’s been long understood that hospitals and medical facilities are a place of security and healing for patients. As long as hospitals, doctor offices, urgent care centers and other medical facilities have been proven to cure ailments; they happen to be proven to cause them too. Cleaning and Technology techniques are becoming much more suited to fight the latest forms of disease and virus discovered in medical facilities and confront an overwhelming assault from bacteria and germs.

Hospitals, doctor offices, urgent care centers, surgery centers, medical rehabilitation centers and other medical facilities are supposed to be a safe and healing haven for individuals rather than a breeding ground for sickness that is unwarranted.

Continuous study of the most recent research helps teams to find the most effective options for removing those germs and bacteria that cause illness and the regions where pathogens live most frequently. EVS crews know that cleaning and disinfection practices should be tailored for each hospital, doctor’s office, urgent care facility and other medical facility. A cursory cleaning job in a sick room could cause the demise of patients or a patient.

Techniques that have been used previously to correctly clean medical facilities will not work in today’s environment with the threat of larger infection risks. Some techniques won’t ever go out of style: scrubbing, mopping, dusting, rinsing. Health Care cleaning needs to be much more specialized and less generalized.

Whether you are managing a medical office building, outpatient facility, a hospital or surgery center, the Service Keepers health care cleaning services system ensures appropriate disinfecting and best practices that transcend the most demanding health care cleaning regulations and standards.

More notably the specific care and results afforded by Service Keepers’ EVS crew gets seen by patients’ families which in turn affects their retention as well as referrals of your hospital.


To revolutionize the cleaning industry for efficiency and safety while providing professional, reliable and responsive service. We will become the trusted service partner to owners and administrators of buildings throughout Florida.

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