The Ugly Truth: Health vs. Perception

Here at Service Keepers we believe that cleaning for perception is just not enough. We aim to clean for health.

When you walk into a room, you immediately notice how clean (or not so clean) and healthy the space is. It intrinsically hits you. If that room looks or smells like it hasn’t been touched in days, you’re immediately alarmed. However, if that room is the bleach-equivalent to the Macy’s perfume department, you should also be alarmed. 

Here’s the ugly truth: just because a space appears to be clean does not mean it is clean (although, you would probably feel a little more at peace sitting in the bleach-y room than you would in the stench of the former). The issue many facilities are facing today is that the appearance of a clean room deceives one into thinking it is also safe for one’s health. Believe it or not, a perceived “clean” room could still be breeding with harmful bacteria and viruses. Think about it: you can’t see microorganisms with the naked eye, so how do you know they’re not there?

Service Keepers vs. The Other Guys

Service Keepers has adopted a cleaning and disinfecting approach to safeguard the health of those we serve. And don’t be fooled, anyone that says the only solution is simply disinfecting is wrong, and could be putting your life at risk. Disinfecting alone cannot take care of the problem and here’s why:

The Problem

Picture this: you enter a room (again). This time, we’ll say your child’s room, and you immediately notice just how messy things are. There are toys, socks, games, books, what-have-you, all over the floor. You can barely walk around the mess (in our analogy, right now you’re exposed to viruses that could lead to sickness). Your ultimate goal is to get rid of the mess (kill the viruses) and instead of cleaning, you simply sweep it all up under the bed (essentially, what disinfecting is like without cleaning). What have you really accomplished? Sure, the mess is out of sight and out of mind. But is it gone? Absolutely not. It’s a similar concept with disinfecting. If you are not removing the soil and dirt – food for viruses and bacteria – before disinfecting, then all your disinfectant will do is mask and shield microorganisms.

Some companies strictly abide by a disinfecting-only process, and that is completely okay…if the goal is to cash a big-time check and move on. Improper disinfection not only affects your facility, but also your health – and the health of those around you. Offering a service that will only accomplish 50% of the goal is a testament to how very little your safety means to that company. 

The Solution

Safeguarding health is the goal, and proper cleaning is the method. Here at Service Keepers, we have developed a cleaning-disinfecting process that aims to clean for health. Through cleaning, measuring and monitoring, we can ensure that our work is not only done effectively, but that it can also be proven on a microscopic level!

Health and safety are serious matters, so why shouldn’t your cleaning company care?

Leave the dirty work to us – for your wellbeing.  


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