What’s that smell? It’s odors

Ever had foul odors sting you right in the nostrils and then you, the victim, wondered how to get rid of them? If not, stop reading and get out (but please feel free to check-out some other blogs and content more suitable to your liking). If yes, continue reading.

Bad odors have been around for centuries, since the beginning of mankind and even possibly before that. There’s no permanent solution (so very sorry, but I refuse to lie to you). However – and here’s the good news – you can CONTROL odors (how long they stay away and how happy that makes you).

So, whether it’s at home (clean-up, whydontcha?) or at work (just choose the right cleaning company), below are some tips that’ll help you breathe a little easier during the day and sleep a little better at night:

Tip #1: Hold it with the Vinegar, Baking Soda, and Coffee Grounds Concoction

Wait! Before you go emptying your coffee maker or opening-up a Costco account to ensure you never run out of vinegar, try simply removing. How can you eliminate odors when you haven’t eliminated the causes?

If the target location for the stench is home, first hone down on exactly where you smell it. Is the perp in the living area? Bedroom? Or Kitchen? Once you have that solved, try removing any objects that could be factors. For example, if it’s in the kitchen, make sure to discard any trash that hasn’t been tossed out yet. For prevention, try to always keep your garbage enclosed if you can’t get rid of it straight away (i.e. purchase a trash can with a lid).

If you’re a cleaner for a janitorial company, just get certified in odor control – as Service Keepers did!

Tip #2: Always keep it clean

Need I say more? Next tip!

Tip #3: What comes around, goes around…so, stop letting it come around

If your property reeks, you will repel everyone who tries to come in contact. If that’s your goal, great. However, I can bet that as a property manager or homeowner, you’re trying to accomplish the opposite. Eliminating odors (and keeping odors eliminated) is a continuous effort. Ensure to invest in the right products to get the job done. Regularly upkeep wherever the odors pop-up to keep them away for good…or temporarily, really.

And if none of these tips work for you, I urge you to please pick-up your phone and dial 305-751-2261. An expert Service Keepers will be able to immediately assist you for years to come.

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Neal Berman

As President and CEO of SKM, Neal Berman has been in the industry since 1996. He brings a great wealth of expertise due to continuous training and involvement with educational organizations contributing to the janitorial industry. Neal’s leadership, vision, and management style provides guidance for the continued growth of Service Keepers Maintenance, Inc.