Frequently Asked Questions

How many years of Janitorial Experience do you have?

Service Keepers has over 30 years of experience with Commercial Cleaning. Our staff is fully trained and equipped to handle any situation in regards to cleaning. 

What areas do you serve?

The areas we serve in the Commercial Cleaning Sector are Miami Dade and Broward Counties. We aim to serve all of South Florida with the highest quality cleaning services for their buildings and facilities. 

What are Commercial Cleaning Services?

Commercial Cleaning Services consist of facility cleaning with specially trained staff. We focus on cleaning and maintaining commercial buildings, offices, schools, condominiums, and more. 

What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Offer?

Commercial Cleaning Services offers many different opportunities and options for your cleaning needs. 

We offer Cleanings for:

  • Highrise Condos 
  • Educational Facilities
  • Office Buildings 
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities 
  • Healthcare Facilities

We offer Recurring Janitorial Services, Hard Surface Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Disinfection Services, and more. 

Who Needs Commercial Cleaning Services?

Any business that occupies over 10,000 square feet office, industrial, educational facilities, high rise residential buildings 20,000 square feet

The average hallway is 2,000 square feet residential 25,000 square ft.

Commercial cleaning handles facilities that serves high volumes of people and need to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness.  

I manage a building that requires special accommodations. How can Service Keepers help?

We work with you to create a custom-tailored plan to fit any of your cleaning needs.

We work closely with you to design fully customized cleaning plans for your specific facility or building. 

If you have any specific needs, just let us know and we'll be more than happy to help!

How much do Commercial Janitorial Services charge?

With over 30 years of experience, we work with your budget. We invest in Education for Staff and Technologies to improve Operational Efficiencies to provide top of the line, Class A services. We leverage data and technological equipment to provide competitive pricing, while also paying our employees higher wages. Use our calculator to figure out estimates. 

What makes Service Keepers different?
What hours are you available?

We are available for contact whenever you need. Our office hours are: 

Monday - Friday 

9 A.M. - 5 P.M. 

You can contact us via phone, email, or on our contact page.