Choosing a Cleaning Company

In today’s world, the necessity for a professional cleaning company has never been so prominent. However, it becomes a daunting task when the list of potential companies to choose from keeps growing at an unstoppable rate.

And although it may be a popular belief that “hey, anyone can clean!” – the unfortunate times we face prove otherwise. Proper cleaning and disinfecting (along with other precautionary measures) conducted by professionals is a requirement if safety and health are your priority.

Choose a cleaning company because of their experience.

This is important, and here’s why: with the rise of COVID-19, many cleaning companies have started from the ground up due to the importance of our industry in today’s world. The amount of financial success that can be found in cleaning for COVID is enticing to many entrepreneurs looking to make a quick buck. But remember this: it comes at your expense. 

One of the main reasons facility directors, managers and property owners end-up leaving new companies is lack of experience. With very little years (if any) in the business, inexperienced and newer companies turn to incorrect cleaning methods that will reflect on your property. It takes years of knowledge, improvement of practices and standards, and long-standing dedication to perfect the craft that ultimately is cleaning. 

Another downside? Cleaning companies (est. COVID-19) promising quality results at unbeatably low prices will take shortcuts, which means your health and safety are at the very bottom of their priority list. Hiring one with very little experience (especially when faced with an infectious disease outbreak) is a grave mistake. You want a cleaning company that will efficiently resolve issues on your property, while using proper techniques that will safeguard your health.

Choose a cleaning company because of their reputation.

When searching for a professional cleaning provider, look for a company that has the reputation to support their claims. Ask for references when on a walk-thru or when being presented with a proposal and contact them to review their current performance. Some questions you may want to ask include:

  • What services are being provided by this cleaning company?
  • How satisfied are you with their performance?
  • How satisfied are you with their response time?
  • Currently, are there any issues you are facing that are not being resolved by this company? 
  • Would you recommend this cleaning company to a friend or colleague?

Another factor to take into consideration when looking into a potential cleaning company’s reputation is their account retention. Is this company building lifelong professional relationships with their clients? Or are properties hiring this company for short periods of time (say, under a year) and not renewing services? The number of properties a cleaning company services may not be an important factor if retention is very low. A company with fewer properties, but higher retention would be a better choice. Their ability to provide many years of service is proof of their satisfaction guarantee. 

Choose a cleaning company because of their values.

This point may not seem so important at first, but it is a factor that comes into play once you have hired a cleaning provider. Why exactly would you care about what a cleaning company values when all you want them to do is clean? It’s simple. The values your cleaning company upholds will determine how they perform on your property. 

A cleaning company that strongly believes in solving problems will be more capable of preventing or resolving issues when they arise than the competition. It’s what they value. A cleaning company that is vocal about open and honest communication will more likely be open and honest when communicating with you than other companies, especially when your safety and health is involved. It’s what they value

There’s more to consider when choosing a cleaning provider than whether or not they have a cleaning crew and couple of microfiber rags. It’s about who they are, why they do what they do and how that may affect you. Choosing a cleaning company doesn’t have to be a daunting task, just choose a company you can trust!


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  1. Audra Berman on July 11, 2020 at 11:55 pm

    Great blog! Experience, Reputation, and Values:)

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