Carpet Cleaning Like A Pro

In the commercial cleaning industry, there’s so much to look after: windows, restrooms, entrances, stairwells, elevators, vents, (we can go on forever.) However, there’s one area that requires more care than the rest. Here’s a hint: you love walking on them, but you absolutely hate to clean them (especially when Susie’s dog has a mishap). Need another hint? Rhymes with armpits. Ah-ha, you got it: carpets!

Carpets are lovely for both comfort and noise reduction from people who stomp. And they come in so many styles and fibers (who would’ve known?) However, it can be a little infuriating to clean them once they get dirty (and they will get dirty). If not cleaned properly, you risk permanently damaging your carpets. So, fret no more, Service Keepers understands your frustration and we’re here to provide the top 3 ways to completely clean your carpets – just like the pros!  

Carpet Extraction

For deep cleaning and special carpet care, there’s carpet extraction. This method involves the use of a crystallizer that, once placed on the carpet, absorbs and transforms any dirt or stains into crystals. After this process is completed, one simply vacuums the crystals. It’s that easy! This is Service Keepers’ preferred method for carpet cleaning as it is the least messy and most effective for achieving a new carpet look!

Bonnet Cleaning

Another method for carpet cleaning is bonneting. This method is not as simple as carpet extraction but really leaves you feeling like your carpets are sparkly clean. For bonnet cleaning (or spin cleaning), one needs a spinning floor machine with a pad drenched in a carpet cleaning chemical. The machine is then used on the carpet, allowing it to “shampoo” all the dirt and stains out.

Bonnet cleaning is not necessarily a great method to clean your carpets, as it can start damaging the fibers of your carpet and ultimately push dirt even further down during the process. However, it is a great method for cleaning your carpets in the interim of extractions as well as spot cleaning (on a weekly or monthly basis).

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Finally, we have low moisture carpet cleaning. For this method, one uses a powder (like our SK organic powder made from 99% natural resources) and mix it with water. Apply this mixture to your carpets and let the LMC carpet cleaner absorb any dirt through encapsulation. Once encapsulation occurs, you may proceed and vacuum your carpets. This method is perfect for the removal of dust mites and mold from your carpets. And with Service Keepers, our LMC system is both safe for your health and the environment!

But when in doubt, contact the pros! Service Keepers has been providing carpet care solutions to all of South Florida for over 30 years – and we’ll continue doing so for many more years to come!

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