Vacuum Care 101

Taking good care of your equipment is essential in ensuring that continuous and uninterrupted cleaning occurs in your environment. Whether it be something as simple as changing filters or something as complicated as mechanical repair – happy equipment equals happy cleaning. For this particular post, you will learn easy steps that, when followed, will lead to excellent vacuum care.

Caring for your vacuum

For the best vacuum care results, always follow instructions that come with your vacuum. The owner’s manual lists specific safety guidelines for your model of vacuum. Follow these general rules when using any type of vacuum cleaner on a carpeted floor:

Vacuum Care Tip 1:

Never use electrical cords to pull plugs from sockets. Always grasp plugs firmly and pull them straight out from the wall. Pulling on or stretching cords may weaken wire connections, damage outlets, break plug prongs, and create safety hazards.  A vacuum should not be used with a missing ground plug.

Vacuum Care Tip 2:

Do not bump or jar furniture and fixtures with vacuum cleaners.  Pads can be purchased to cushion the units but it is still not good practice to allow workers to scar and damage furniture.  

Care Tip 3:

Keep cords on the floor to avoid trip hazards and scratching furniture.

Care Tip 4:

Always turn off and unplug vacuums prior to replacing belts and brushes, or prior to cleaning any part of a power head. Never service the bottom while the vacuum is running.  Never place hand or fingers under the unit to see if the beater bar is turning.  

Care Tip 5:

Empty vacuum bags to reduce their weight and to ensure maximum suction. Dispose of paper bags before they are half full, and do not attempt reuse them unless they are the dump out type.

Care Tip 6:

Remove and unwind strings and other items that get caught in the beater bar and brushes. This will prevent motor burnout and extend the life of vacuum belts.

Care Tip 7:

Inspect and verify that the belt is attached correctly and is not frayed or stretched.

Care Tip 8:

Check for broken parts, nicked or cut cords, nonfunctional cord restraints, punctured or blocked hoses, loose fittings, and improper tool operation. Report any problems to your supervisor immediately.

Care Tip 9:

Make sure that switches are in good working order. Malfunctioning switches should be repaired before using the vacuum again.

Bonus Tip: Before cleaning spots or stains of unknown origin, you need to learn as much as possible about the substance to be removed. Your own senses of sight, touch, and smell are the most valuable tools in this process.

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