Cleaning with a Purpose

As of January 2021, American Airlines is the first airline in the world to achieve GBAC STAR Certification.  In an earlier blog, we mentioned that Service Keepers has also been GBAC certified, discussed what the Global Biorisk Advisory Council is all about, and how organizations and cleaning professionals can become certified. 

The certification American Airlines has earned applies to its entire fleet of aircraft along with its Admirals Club lounges around the globe, gate areas, ticket counters, passenger service counters, baggage service offices, and team member rooms.  This is quite an impressive achievement.

Just so we are all on the same page, GBAC certification, as it applies to Service Keepers and the airline, means we have adopted expert-reviewed cleaning and disinfecting “best practices” that help prevent the spread of disease along with biohazards.  This not only applies to the coronavirus outbreak spreading around the world today, but to help organizations respond to and recover from other types of outbreaks and diseases in the future.

We were intrigued by how the airline referred to their GBAC program and its certification.  They called it “Cleaning with a Purpose.”  Interestingly, this is how many of our cleaning staff refer to their cleaning duties as well.

Service Keepers has been open for business for over three decades. We remember when the main concerns of cleaning were appearance and costs.  Building owners wanted their facilities looking their best at the most reasonable price possible.

However, COVID has changed many things.  Of course, building owners still want to pay a reasonable and fair price for cleaning, and they want their facilities looking their best, both of which we deliver. But our real purpose now, just as the American Airlines tagline implies, is to protect human health.

Further, when it comes to cleaning with a purpose, we think it is essential that we go beyond taglines and “talk.”  In the coming months, expect to see the following on our website:

·      Neal Berman, founder and “visionary” of Service Keepers, will take advantage of his profile on LinkedIn to provide “fireside chats.” These will discuss the COVID situation in South Florida, help on addressing its many challenges, and how effective cleaning remains our number one weapon to minimize the spread of the virus.

·      A “slideshow” that goes into more detail describing our disinfecting programs. These are also designed to help current and future clients better understand the entire disinfection process and how it must be performed to provide adequate protection from disease.

·      More blog posts will be added to our “Insider News” section. We’ll cover topics to broaden our site visitors’ understanding of the value of cleaning in general, but with a particular focus on how effective cleaning protocols protect human health.  These posts will also explore the steps we are taking to prevent the spread of infection while remaining environmentally responsible.

We hope that our site will be your source of practical information to help answer your questions about cleaning and disinfection best practices, the specifics of our approach, and how to keep your facility clean and healthy.

What we also want to convey to our clients and future clients is that many of the cleaning and disinfection strategies we are taking today will continue to be in place in the future.

We mentioned already how COVID has changed many things. While our cleaning programs in the past were all designed to protect health, we now know because of the pandemic we must go further. Cleaning with a purpose has always been a mantra at Service Keepers and defines the way our staff perform their cleaning duties then, now and for many more decades to come.

Interested in learning more?  Then get in touch today. We’re Service Keepers and we’re here for you.

cleaning with a purpose