Frustration Free Construction Clean Up

Construction clean up performed after a facility has been renovated or constructed can be a source of frustration for many building owners and managers. However, it really should not be.

Yes, it is a big job, and the work can become complicated.  But it should not be frustrating for building owners/managers, nor should it be for the cleaning contractor hired to do the job…if you keep some of the following points in mind.

Plan Ahead

Don’t let construction clean up be an afterthought. All too many building owners/managers tour a completed project, and it’s then that they realize they must call someone in to clean up the mess left behind.

construction clean up

Midway through the project, start looking for a construction clean-up firm. Get them involved with the project early on. That way, they will know the facility, better understand what they will need to do, and can jump in and take over as soon as the construction has ended.

Outline Construction Clean Up Needs

Building owners/managers need to find out how much clean-up work the construction contractors will provide. Sometimes, the construction contractor will hire a cleaning crew to perform clean-up duties during different construction work phases. They may even perform a limited cleaning when their work is completed.

Knowing how much clean-up work the contractor will perform will better prepare you for the next item we need to address – costs. It will also give you a better idea of how the facility will look once construction work has been completed.

Understanding Costs

Sometimes building owners/managers will assume construction clean-up costs about the same as regular janitorial work. In fact, there is no comparison.  

Nightly janitorial work primarily involves what we call “maintenance.” We are maintaining the facility on a daily basis. With construction clean-up, very often, no maintenance of any kind has been performed. Everything will need to be cleaned from top to bottom. Plus, stains, tape on glass and floors, caulking, and a considerable amount of debris will need to be removed.  Performing these tasks takes time and when it comes to cleaning, the more time necessary, the higher the costs.

How Construction Clean Up Charges Are Determined

There are no set formulas to determine construction clean-up costs. The contractor will consider the size of the space to be cleaned. That will undoubtedly impact costs. But their charges will also be based on the following:

  • Condition of the space. If the contractor has performed a clean-up at the end of construction or renovation, all the cleaning contractor may need to do is detail the facility, giving it an extra shine. However, there is a considerable amount of work to do in most cases.
  • Man-hours. An experienced contractor will likely know how many hours it will take to perform the work. 
  • Debris removal. The cleaning contractor may be responsible for renting dumpsters and hauling out large amounts of debris. The number of dumpsters needed and the amount of trash that must be removed will be figured into the quote.
  • Project details. If windows need to be cleaned, floors refinished, or carpet cleaned, these will all be calculated into the final charge.

Hiring Process

Finally, before hiring a contractor, get several quotes. Ask for references, then take that a step further: ask for “before” and “after” pictures. It’s true. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Also, avoid selecting the high bidder or the low bidder. Bids that are exceedingly high or surprisingly low are often indications the contractor does not have experience performing construction clean-up work or understand what they are getting into.

And one more thing. Don’t hire and forget. While the work is being performed, check in with the contractor and visit the worksite. Planning and collaboration like this help eliminate frustration and ensure a smooth and timely wrap-up of your construction project.

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