Restrooms Cleanliness Impact on Your Business

It is likely that when asking an Entrepreneur or Manager the main reasons that lead businesses to success they forget to mention restroom cleaning as one of the main reasons. Even if it could seem insignificant to some, the reality is that commercial restrooms sanitation do play a major roll in your overall business success.

Dirty Restrooms May Impact Your Business and Your Bottom
Clean toilets tell your customers about your business more than you think. According to a survey carried out by Bradley Corporation, Americans judge the quality of your company by level of cleanliness. According to this survey, the following things happen when consumers enter a dirty restroom.
1. Overall Business practice is put into question.
2.Consumers will perceive the company as lazy or sloppy.
3.Customers will feel as if the company is not truly interested in them.
This survey also shows that 49% of Americans will not return to a business if they had a bad experience with the restrooms. Sanitized toilets help protect your base business by not giving customers a reason not to buy.
According to the 2017 Healthy Hand Washing Survey conducted in the UAE by Bradley Corporation, an unclean public toilet can have a negative impact on business. (PRNewsfoto/Bradley Corporation)

According to the 2017 Healthy Hand Washing Survey conducted in the UAE by Bradley Corporation, an unclean public toilet can have a negative impact on business. (PRNewsfoto/Bradley Corporation)

Do You Ever Wonder How Dirty Public Restrooms can be?
A study in the journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology was conducted in 2014. In this study researchers tracked the Microbiomes of four university restrooms over hours and days. Within an hour of normal use, researchers found there were 500,000 bacterial cells per square inch on the bathroom surfaces, on average.
Surprisingly, all restrooms fixture contain fecal bacteria. This bacteria is responsible for causing diseases such as Hepatitis A and B or gastroenteritis. The MSNC presented a report to the Society of Contagious Diseases, that examined the hygienic conditions of different buildings. Researchers found disease-causing microbes as well as insect colonies. Within this group you could see:  The staphylococcus, guilty of creating fever and chills, and bacilli, promoters of diarrhea.
How often should I have a deep cleaning service for the restrooms?
Public restrooms require daily deep cleaning. Daily cleaning protects bacteria. Usually, a single deep clean each day is sufficient for small to mid-sized workplaces, particularly those with limited client/customer traffic. In big premises, with high-traffic restrooms (such as schools or hospitals), a restroom cleaning schedule might include up to 6 cleanings a day.
Toilets dirtiness is among the 3 most common complaints in large companies.At Service Keepers we provide best quality janitorial services. We are experts on providing procedures to tackle dirtiness and maximize sanitation in all kind of premises.
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