Carpet Cleaning For Your Business

As springtime comes around again, so does allergy season. Pollen, dust, and all sorts of other allergens are in free fall and end up all over surfaces and fabrics. Whether you’re at home or at the office, these allergens can find their way into carpets.

Keeping carpets that cover the floors of buildings, schools, offices, hotels and other types of establishments clean is very important. Clean carpets do not only project a good image but also help to maintain a healthier environment.


Prevent the Spread of Allergens/Bacteria

Carpets act like gigantic filters – As we know, the materials with which  carpets are made and the type of use for which they are intended, make them excellent reservoirs of dirt, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.  All these can cause diseases in both people and animals. For this reason, carpet washing takes on a vital importance for the maintenance of enclosed spaces that use them as floor coverings.

New Carpets can also cause health problems. Materials used for its manufacture may release volatile organic compounds such as benzene, acetone and many other substances considered toxic. While new carpets can cause various problems that mainly affect the respiratory tract, old carpets in addition to the previous drawbacks, accumulate dirt and become suitable places for the proliferation of mites and microorganisms that generate allergies, irritation in the mucosa of the nose, eyes and throat.

What happens when you don’t clean your carpets?

When dirt accumulates on your carpet, it behaves like sand paper and slowly wears down the carpet fibers. Regular carpet cleaning using the extraction method can increase the life of carpets significantly, protecting your floor-covering investment.

Carpets can accumulate up to eight times its weight in dirt without us noticing it. Although daily vacuuming can help to remove excess dirt, it is necessary to deep clean carpets  thoroughly and periodically. This way you can ensure you are maintaining a healthy environment.

Proper Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Along with regular vacuuming, for deep cleaning and special carpet care we recommend carpet extraction. Carpet extraction removes stains, dirt, grit, sand and allergens using the most advanced shampoo chemicals. A professional carpet washing service, will offer different techniques to clean your carpet and dry it correctly. The drying process is one of the most important points in the washing of a carpet. An article on Clean Link discusses problems associated with leaving carpets wet –If you do not have the necessary tools to dry it, the carpet will remain wet, that will generate bad odor and promote the development of other microorganisms, fungi and bacteria.

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