The Susan/Susie Paradox

If you’ve ever read more than one post from the SK Blog, you’re probably familiar with this Susan/Susie character. Same person, hypocorism and all. You probably also asked yourself who in the heck is Susan/Susie? Truth is: I don’t know. And I don’t know because she doesn’t exist (I mean, right here and now, but if she does exist for you, I promise that’s totally coincidental). However, what I can say is what Susan/Susie symbolizes: the anti-everything we believe, want or need. She’s the enormous cloud looming over your head, the rain pours you weren’t expecting right as you’re walking out. She’s the little red man with pointy ears and a really bad mustache on your shoulder telling you, “eh, why not?” when you know you shouldn’t. She’s the id in this gritty 3-way unconscious fight to win you over.

But, who would’ve known, Susan/Susie is also your friend. You know, the type that does as she wishes no matter how much earthly advice you give. She’s that sibling you wish you didn’t have, but you do. (Tough luck.) Susan/Susie is also the near-miss pitfalls that motivate you, that keep pushing so that you could continue avoiding falling in. As you see, Susan/Susie (whatever name she chooses at the time of her choosing), she ain’t all that bad.

So, to ring in the new year, we’re ranking the top 10 lessons we learned from Susan/Susie in 2019 that we’re definitely taking with us in 2020:

# 10. You don’t need all those shoes.

Enough said.

# 9. Safety first.

You need Wet Floor signs before, during and after floors become slippery. How else do you think Susan/Susie got that bad back, the broken bones, and that shiner? Poor thing.

# 8. Women can and will succeed in the workplace.

# 7. Always pick-up after your dog.

It leads to really bad odors, not even Susan/Susie can handle (even though it was her own dog).

# 6. A little pep talk before heading out the door can really amp you up for the day.

#HeadStrong #NotTakingItFromYouSusan #NotToday

# 5. Cleaning your home can and will, in fact, make you an overall happier being.

# 4. And speaking of beings, show your cleaners/janitors some respect.

At the end of the day, we’re all people.

# 3. Read instructions on labels.

And then read them again, and follow precisely. Not sure? Ask.

# 2. A small thank you can go a long way.

Saying thank you to the people that make it happen for you not only demonstrates your appreciation for them but also validates the hard work they’ve done.

# 1. Every day you learn something new.

In our case, it’s every week on the SK Blog. And even when you think there’s nothing left to take away from it, you discover something new – about the post, you, or even the world. We hope that’s the case for you, too.

Happy New Year from everyone here at Service Keepers! Here’s to another successful and prosperous year!

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