Fight Fatigue: 3 Easy Everyday Tips

2020 is in full effect, and unfortunately for many of us, the festivities of late 2019 through, say, just last week have left us … not in the best shape of our lives. As you slowly but (for financial-sakes) surely get back into the motion of work, you find that there’s this itty bitty ugly thing that just won’t let you productively continue with your day: the real “F” bomb. That’s right, fatigue.

You just can’t help it. You find yourself snoozing a little on break. You’re day dreaming just to give that brain of yours some relaxation time. You even found yourself thinking earlier that morning, should I call out and just crawl back into bed, onesie ‘n’ all?

No, no, no! Absolutely not. What you can help is avoiding that “F” plague. And you will do so using some awesome tips right below to help you Feel The Green:

Fatigue Antidote #1: Combat fatigue with some Zzz’s

This first tip will surely remind you of that time you had a really bad haircut and everyone around you decided to point-out that you, in-fact, had a really bad haircut. Like duh, it’s so obvious! You don’t think I recognize my own work, Susan? However, deep down you also know it’s undeniably true.

To beat fatigue, get some sleep. A good night’s rest will definitely provide you with the energy needed to take on the next morning. I, for one, am a much better human being after at least 8 hours of shuteye the night before.

And this doesn’t mean a night’s rest full of tossing and turning. That fiasco will only lead to interrupted sleep and perpetual yawning at work. Avoid that by turning off any distractions (phones, TV, lights, your partner’s snoring, etc.) before bed and just rest in complete darkness. If you’re like me, at this point you’ll find yourself being tormented by your own head with constant thoughts of new ideas that just pop up like whack-a-mole. Soon as you know it, you’ve just let an entire hour slip you by. My trick? Keep a journal and pen by your bedside and simply jot down any thoughts you may feel creeping in. Ta-da! You now have nothing to worry about, nothing to think about and nothing to distract you from boring yourself to sleep.

Fatigue Antidote #2: Don’t Stop Not Stopping

The fatigue has kicked in. You feel your eyelids getting heavy. That hand is slowly inching away from the paper; pen is nearly dropping. You’re immobilized. And bam! Sleep has descended upon you. But, oh no, you’re at work.

If I were you, I’d jump up and run. (Well, not really.) But remaining active while you’re at work will definitely help with fatigue that just wants you to snooze when you should be working. Keep yourself walking and moving any which way you can.

Another great bonus tip? Make your workspace your little active cove. Set (non-disruptive) alarms to buzz every hour or so to remind you to getup and stretch or take a quick stroll around your desk.

If your job already involves a lot of physical activity, try and break way from the redundancy by switching to something else. For example, if you’re job requires you to repeatedly lift heavy boxes, try and stretch every 30-45 mins to help with your regular routine. After all, fatigue is partly caused by cyclic and strenuous movement. Change it up!

Fatigue Antidote #3: Dish out the bad and eat the good

It’s very easy to think that the simplest solution to this whole “Fatigue” situation is to simply brew a nice ol’ cup of Joe. In the moment, yes, it is by far the quickest route to take. Or maybe a fizzy 24-hour energy drink? That should patch you up nicely!

Wrong. You’ll just drown in complete fatigue come 10:01 am.

Instead, really examine what you’re putting into your body. What are eating? What are you not eating, but definitely should be eating? Are you skipping any meals? All of this matters.

Try eating a hearty, highly nutritious breakfast at the beginning of your day. Some oatmeal, yogurt, avocado toast, whatever you’d like. Getting that all in your system bright and early will help fuel you for your chaotic morning.

And follow-up it with a nutrient rich lunch. Eat whole grains and high protein foods to help you energize. Watch out for your quantities, too! Too much of a meal will make you feel like you’re ready for a daytime nap. Too little of a meal will have searching for more (and you’ll probably just end-up munching on a bag of half-eaten potato chips).

In between, try and increase your in-take of fruits and vegetables. They make great snacks and provide high energy. Let’s also not forget: water. Cut-out sugary drinks that result in crashes and opt for a glass of the good stuff. Increasing how much water you drink throughout the day will help keep you hydrated and clear minded. Get it, clear. Water is also cl- you get it.

There you have it! Three simple, but essential tips to fighting fatigue. Now, let’s get to it!

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