Spots You May Have Missed When Cleaning Your Space

Have you ever cleaned your space and felt like it wasn’t enough?

Sometimes we forget to focus on the smaller details when cleaning our homes. Thankfully, Service Keepers focuses on handling these details that feel forgettable.

Our attention to detail is what makes service keepers stand out as the top Commercial Cleaning Service in Miami, Florida.

For over 30 years we have maintained condos, offices, and school buildings while making the details a key priority.

Service Keepers is ready share some reminders when cleaning your space

Don’t Forget To

Dust and Clean above your Artwork.

This spot almost always collects dust and is often overlooked.

Clean the Baseboards

While it may feel like baseboards don’t appear dirty, their nooks and ridges are a hotspot for dust.

Wipe Down Ceiling Fans & Vents

If you’re constantly running a fan throughout the night, dust buildup comes in fast! Be sure to clean these frequently even if they don’t appear dusty. You’ll be surprised!

If you’re looking for more tips or are interested in any commercial cleaning service contact us today!