Why is Disinfection Training so Important?

In today’s world the use of disinfectants and other deep cleaning processes are crucial for our health and safety.

While having the right tools is beneficial having the correct training is what makes all the difference.

So why is this disinfection and sanitization so important?

Without proper training, facilities would not be correctly cleaned which can lead to a number of germs lingering that have the potential to cause harm.

The act of disinfecting means uses disinfectant to combat germs on surfaces. When cleaning, you need to leave the chemicals used on said surface for a certain period of time in order for them to properly remove germs.

According to MedLine, Sanitizing can be done by cleaning, disinfecting or both. Sanitization requirements all depend of the type of facility being cleaned. At Service Keepers, we are highly trained and maintain up to date standards on our disinfection and sanitation services.

It’s important for facilities to keep up with these sanitization practices to ensure safety for those working or living in them. Service Keepers wants to keep your clients safe and healthy.

Our crew is certified and knows exactly which process to take when working on your facility. If you have a condo, school, or office that needs regular disinfection to upkeep state standards please contact us.